Newer unveils NuCube Vertical enclosure for the Mac mini

We have casings for our MacBooks, iPods, iPhones, iPads, but what about the Mac mini? Well if you’re looking for a casing for your Mac mini, the good news is that Newer has recently debuted the NuCube Vertical enclosure for your computer that as the name implies, would allow it to stand vertically while keeping all of the ports to your Mac mini full accessible. It reportedly also allows your Mac mini to run cooler than it does if it were lying horizontally.

Handcrafted from acrylic, the casing is three eights of an inch thick and will feature a set of rubber feet that will prevent the casing (along with your Mac mini inside it) from moving while you connect your cables to it. If Newer’s NuCube Vertical enclosure sounds like something you’d be interested in getting your hands on, especially if you’re worried about potentially scratching the body of your Mac mini, you will be able to pick one up for yourself from Other World Computer for $36 which appears to be a 10% discount off its retail price of $40.

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