Next gen GPS satellite undergoes testingThe GPS satellite system that we have all come to rely on in helping us arrive at our destination might soon be on the receiving end of a $5.5 billion upgrade, where a prototype of the next-generation satellite will be launched at a Lockheed Martin complex in Colorado. It will take months of testing for the Block III GPS satellite before it is ready to help both military and civilian receivers end up as more accurate, powerful and reliable.

Not only that, Block III will participate in the international effort that will enable civilian receivers to use signals from US, European, Russian and even opening up the possibility of other satellite navigation systems. Block III satellites are said to enable both military and civilian users to be able to know just where their current position is within 3 feet, whereas current technology has an accuracy rate of 10 feet. All the accuracy in the world is not going to help remove tardiness from one’s personality trait, though, which is rather unfortunate.

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