Nintendo Wii U specs leaked?If you’re interested in finding out what’s under the hood of the upcoming Nintendo gaming console, we might have the answers for you. According to reports online, the specs of the Wii U have been revealed by a developer who claims to have access to the console. The Wii U is said to be using a 45nm PowerPC-based 3GHz processor with four cores. The Wii U processor is also said to be “very similar” to the Xbox 360 processor.

Other details mentioned include the Wii U might get 768MB of DRAM embedded with the CPU but it is shared between the CPU and GPU (said to be a 40nm AMD design). If you’re wondering why the Wii U’s specs aren’t exactly out of this world – it’s a pretty known fact that Nintendo has always focused on the game experience rather than the hardware, so it’s not much of a surprise. Well, regardless of the Wii U’s specs, we’re sure Nintendo will be able to deliver compelling gameplay through the console. What do you think? Are specs more important than the gaming experience to you?

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