Now here is a keyboard that you might just want to check out if you have a deep bank account – the Optimus Popularis from Art Lebedev. I know, Art Lebedev tends to churn out some pretty expensive equipment, as their track record in the past shows that the Optimus Maximus keyboard cost more than $2,000 a pop, so you can expect something expensive as well with the Optimus Popularis, although it will definitely not reach such a high. Already available for pre-order, the Popularis is also quite the looker, and your accountant will also love you for it.

Similar to the Maximus in many aspects, each key on the Popularis keyboard will be made up of a 64 x 64 pixel OLED display which is highly customizable, letting you display just about any image of your choice, or even a video as long as it does not exceed 10 frames per second. Of course, the total number of keys available will not be as numerous as that on the Maximus, but at least there is one consolation which is an LCD strip that is located between the number keys and function keys that functions as a secondary, programmable display.

It is said that the Popularis is half the price of the Optimus Maximus, so if you have approximately $1,100 to spare, this is the keyboard for you.

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