Philips mood lighting to speed up recovery at hospitalsThey say that laughter is the best medicine, but sometimes, a more high tech approach is required to speed up the recovery of a patient. We know that it is winter time now in the northern hemisphere, making some people more depressed than ever with less hours of sunlight. Well, Philips intends to do their part at hospitals be introducing their color changing HealWell lighting system. Chromatherapy that does not involve a TV? Sounds good to us, as the HealWell lighting system was specially designed for hospital recovery rooms.

An overhead fake sunlight source will work in tandem with accent lighting, while a bedside reading lamp which can be controlled by the patient should speed up the healing or recovery rate. Of course, we are not talking about instant healing like Wolverine, but rather, an improvement in one’s mood can do wonders for the immune system that will then tackle all those nasty viruses with renewed vigor to usher the patient into a pink state of health soonest possible. Maybe they should install the HealWell system at court rooms and jail cells, too.

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