Plasma brush makes for a painless cavity cleaning sessionSome folks would do anything to avoid paying a visit to the dentist – and for good reason, too. After all, if you have more cavities in your teeth than a poorly constructed road, surely you would be paying good money to someone who will pry around your mouth, cleaning up the mess while ensuring you remain in an extremely uncomfortable (and potentially painful) situation. A painless visit to the dentist would surely be Utopia for many, where a team of researchers from the University of Missouri, University of Tennessee, and Nanova, have teamed up to help mankind take one step towards heaven on earth. How so, you ask? Well, they are working on a new dental “plasma brush” that will see action in cleaning out cavities as well as prepare teeth for fillings. Relying on the power of “cool” plasma, it will affect chemical reactions without causing any pain to the patient. To date, laboratory trials did not reveal any side effects, apart from the fact that fillings tend to be 60% stronger when used with plasma therapy.

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