PlayStation VitaDespite the PlayStation Vita’s powerful hardware and multi-tasking capabilities, it looks like there are some limitations to the portable gaming console. It has been reported that the PlayStation Vita won’t be able to launch the web browser while in the middle of a game. Features like your friends list, music player and even Twitter can be launched – but not the web browser. Users will have to completely exit the game before they can start it up – so no hopping out of a paused game for some strategies and hopping back in.

Some hardcore gamers probably don’t care whether or not they can use guides while playing but I’m sure the majority of gamers would like to consult a special recipe list or map while in the middle of a game. Hopefully Sony issues a fix to enable web browsing support while gaming in the future – the Vita is definitely powerful enough to run an app like a browser while a game is paused.

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