When it comes to portable gaming, one main point stands out among the rest – battery life. After all, there is no point in having superior graphics over your rivals when the hardware sucks more more juice than a black hole does light. A perfect example would be the Sega Game Gear that delivered superior graphics compared to the Nintendo Game Boy, but we all know who won out in the end by more than just a mile – it was a royal beating, and no one else came near to the Game Boy in the years that followed, regardless of how primitive the Game Boy’s graphics looked like. How about current generation portables, does the recently released PS Vita fare well against the Nintendo 3DS?

The answer would be in the affirmative, as PS Vita owner from Japan decided to measure the battery life of the handhelds, alongside and old school PSP for reference. The test predictably lasted for a few hours, with the winner being Sony’s PS Vita. As for the context of the test, everything was cranked up to maximum level, including the brightness and volume, while the Nintendo 3DS’ 3D Slider was also pushed to its maximum.

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