PSOne classics heading for Xperia PLAYOwners of the Xperia PLAY, just how many games have you amassed on your smartphone to date? If you are craving for the good old days of the PSOne where graphically speaking, titles back then are unable to hold a candle to what we have today, although the gameplay is totally awesome. Here is a little bit of Christmas cheer for you – Driver and Rayman, the popular platformer, are both available for your downloading pleasure for £3.99 each. Prior to that, just make sure that you already have the PS Store app installed before proceeding with the game downloads.

As at press time, the Xperia PLAY has already hit 200 optimized titles, while the total number of official PSOne classics rolled out is far more scarce, so it is nice to see titles like Driver and Rayman making the cut. Something tells me that as consoles get more and more advanced, there will always be a market for retro titles. For now, we cannot wait for the PlayStation Suite to roll out in spring next year.

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