If you are in the market for a different AirPlay option as nothing you have seen so far has piqued your interest and done enough to let you reach for your credit card, the Pure Contour 200i Air Dock might just do the trick, especially after it has received approval from the FCC. The device will not only be able to dock your iPod, iPhone or iPad and pull your favorite tunes from there, filling up the room with great sounding audio, it will also juiced up whichever iDevice that is docked at that moment. The presence of an auxiliary input would pave the way for non-Apple devices to play nice with it as well, while a digital coax output will enable you to connect the device to a receiver. Nice to see that the buttons are strategically located the arched top of the Pure Contour 200i Air for easy and convenient access, while folks who have their rear ends glued to a La-Z-Boy chair will find the included remote control a most welcome touch. There is still no word on pricing or availability, so hopefully more light is shed on the situation soon.

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