If you were planning on getting yourself one of those new smart cars next year, you might want to give Renault’s cars a go thanks to the R-Link, a tablet that was designed for cars in mind.

We’re not sure who needs all these tablet-like features in the car especially when your attention is supposed to be focused on the road anyway, but it seems that Renault thinks you would want these features although they have tried to make it a little more safe through the use of voice and/or steering wheel controls.

The R-Link is a 7” tablet and will connect to both your smartphone and the cloud at the same time. It is unknown what operating system the R-Link will use but supposedly Renault is setting up an app store of their own, which they boast will feature more than 50 apps available during launch with more to follow. Such apps include the obligatory navigation programs and could even come with apps that help determine how efficient your driving is.

If you’re interested in knowing more about what the R-Link can do, check out the demonstration video below.

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