RumbaTime GO watch I for one find it rather uncomfortable to have a wallet residing in the back pocket of my jeans, where sitting down on a hard chair can prove to make me shift around more often than not. Well, this is where wireless electronic payment methods come in, and not only that, what would you think of a device that will hold your electronic wallet information alongside medical details of yourself? This is exactly what the RumbaTime GO watch is all about – apart from telling the current time, it will also let you carry all your cash with you as well as your personal medical information in a colorful and durable timepiece.

Of course, a tech savvy thief might soon earmark such watches as their target assuming the RumbaTime GO watch ends up as a mainstream purchase, and electronic mobile wallet use has become commonplace. It would be easier to snatch a watch than to pick a pocket, and who knows what a skilled hacker the thief is that he/she could actually crack your password to protect access to your mobile wallet? The RumbaTime GO watch can be yours for $35 in a wide range of colors.

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