Word on the street has it that the future MacBook Air that rolls off Apple’s production line will have one feature that has not been available to date – I’m talking about triple display support that is made possible thanks to the use of Ivy Bridge processors for the mobile platform. Of course, one of these three displays will be part of the MacBook Air’s screen, but one can always hope to see a DisplayPort connector being included as a standard issue feature when 2012 rolls around, no?

At the moment, the Sandy Bridge platform is only able to support a couple of independent displays, which means the MacBook Air is limited to a single external display. Just like the 13″ MacBook Pro model, it can only power a couple of external displays only when you take the step to turn off the internal display. I guess the name Ivy Bridge is rather apt, as it will bridge the gap in its own special way when it comes to accommodating even more displays.

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