Tony Hawk Pro Skater HD announced for summer 2012

Good news for fans of skateboarding game as the Tony Hawk Pro Skater HD game has officially been announced! The game that has allowed thousands to simulate what it’s like to ride a skateboard and perform tricks and stunts minus the broken bones and bruises has been announced for a HD makeover.

According to Tony Hawk himself, the HD version of the game will be taking select levels from the first two Tony Hawk titles and be given a HD makeover. Classic levels such as “School” and “Downhill” are expected to make an appearance but that’s all Tony Hawk deemed appropriate to let on for now.

If you have enjoyed the franchise and you’re looking forward to playing the game in HD, Tony Hawk Pro Skater HD is expected to be made available come summer of 2012 and will be packaged for digital platforms and will be priced under $20. Sounds like a great way to spend the summer if you ask me.

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