Verizon family shared data plans arriving in 2012Over the past few months we’ve had hints of Verizon’s family shared data plans, but nothing has been concrete so far – until today. Verizon’s CEO, Lowel McAdam spoke at the UBS Global Media and Communications Conference this week and announced that the carrier will be introducing it sometime in 2012. If you’re one of those people with multiple devices or you have a few people in your house using data and you’re tired of being charged separate bills for each device – Verizon’s new family shared data plans should be right up your alley.

However other than the vague promise of it arriving next year, nothing new was revealed so we can’t say for sure how Verizon’s family shared data plans are going to work. But at least we now know it’s coming in 2012 – so stay tuned and we’ll keep you posted. How many of you are looking forward to signing up for family shared data plans?

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