is a name that is synonymous with offering user interfaces for home entertainment solutions, and today they have announced that consumers who want to lighten the load on their pockets that are positively bulging with cash will be able to do so by purchasing the revolutionary VooMote Zapper, where each purchase should also see you make a beeline for the free app over at iTunes. Just what is the VooMote Zapper? We reported last month that it is available for pre-order, and here we are with the actual device ready and raring to land in your laps. This is basically an all-in-one solution which is extremely tiny, as small as a paperclip in fact, where it will fit in the dock connector of your iPhone, iPod and iPad so that they will be magically transformed into a universal remote.

From thence, it is able to weave its magic, being used for a range of infrared electronics such as TVs, DVD players, and DVRs amongst others. As mentioned above, just make sure you download the free app if you want to enjoy tailor-made universal remote control functionality right in the comfort of your living room. Not only that, there are more colors than those found on a rainbow to choose from, including blue, green, pink, and red amongst others. Expect the VooMote Zapper dongle to retail for $69.99 a pop, or you can pick that up with the iPhone 4 case for $79.99.

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