Windows 8 for ARM tablets wont have the desktop app?It’s already a well-known fact that Windows 8 on ARM tablets won’t be able to run x86/x64 aka classic/legacy apps – but it looks like Microsoft is taking another step further to cement that difference. According to reports online, Microsoft is going to cut the desktop app from the ARM version of Windows 8 completely. This means that folks who use Windows 8 on ARM devices won’t even have access to the classic UI of the operating system and will only be able to use the Metro UI.

While this move might irk some people, I think it actually makes sense to do so. Legacy apps won’t be able to run on ARM versions of Windows 8 in the first place (they need to be rewritten), so removing the option to enable the desktop (classic mode) in Windows 8 will help get rid of confusion that consumers might have. When there is less confusion about what the different versions of Windows 8 can and cannot run, consumers will have an easier time deciding which one they should get. And who wants the desktop UI on a tablet anyway? Do you think Microsoft should remove the Windows 8 desktop app from ARM 8 tablets?

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