Windows 8 is the next operating system from Microsoft that is expected to make more than mere ripples, but rather, waves, and has been touted to be one of Microsoft’s most important projects to date. After all, if the Windows operating system were to fail, you would see the Redmond-based company reeling from the fallout. Newer and more recent screenshots have been leaked out, which point towards the possibility of a slight improvement to the look and feel, while confirming the presence of the ‘ribbon’ interface in Explorer, although there are hints that this might come as ‘folded’ by default.

What you see above is touted to be the ‘proof’ of such a build, and chances are pretty good that whatever you love about Windows 7 will be making the jump over to its successor without any changes, while introducing even more features which hopefully, will make life on the PC easier and nudging it towards the Mac’s user friendliness. As to how Microsoft will use the new user interface elements in Windows 8 on non-touch interfaces, that would be an interesting problem we would like to see them tackle.

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