Daimler, too, has taken a look at the wonders and convenience of wireless charging for electric vehicles, and they want in on the action as well. Companies that include luminaries such as Rolls-Royce and Toyota, Nissan and Volvo are all making attempts to obtain wireless charging capability for their vehicles, and you can add Daimler to the growing list. In fact, Daimler as well as Conductix-Wampfler are going to work toegether to develop inductive charging tests using a Mercedes-Benz B-Class E-Cell Plus, where the whole idea is to have the vehicle automatically juice itself up when parked over a special unit that is located on the ground.

This will do away with all the potential speedbumps that normally are associated with wired electric vehicles, ranging from vandalism of charging units to people who leave their vehicles unplugged because of sheer laziness, or even forgetful folks. Well, here’s to wireless charging for electric vehicles in the near future!

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