The long-awaited Metro update for Microsoft’s Xbox 360 is said to start shipping tonight, where it ought to hit your console some time later this week – clearly turning the Xbox 360 into a device that will wear yet another hat apart from the classic gaming do, which would have it as a home media center. Don’t get me wrong – the Xbox 360 was a media center prior to this, where you could download both video and music content, not to mention stream content from your home PC, but this spanking new update will make it a whole lot easier to find disparate pieces of content, regardless of whether it is from Microsoft’s very own video/music store, or via a different route.

There are some goodies associated with this update as well for Windows Phone users, where owners of Windows Phone 7-powered handsets will be able to use their smartphones to control the Xbox remotely, increasing the queue list or to check out content to send to the TV while playing back other content. Content is king – and the Metro update intends to make sure you live it up royally this time round.

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