Xbox 360 update receives mixed reactionsThe long-awaited dashboard update for the Xbox 360 has finally been released and has started rolling out to Xbox 360 owners globally, but it looks like not everybody is too pleased about it. According to reports online, the reactions to the latest Xbox 360 update have been pretty mixed. Some people are pleased with the Metro UI, other find it confusing, and some people were expecting much more from the update.

But every time a well-known service undergoes a change, its users always resist change (remember the fuss with Facebook and its countless UI updates?). However, the UI changes weren’t the only thing that was new with the update. Apps like Netflix received updates and additional support for a lot of new TV content is on the way to the gaming console. Anyway I don’t own an Xbox 360 so I can’t say much, but for the rest of you who have received the update – what do you think of it so far?

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