When it comes to the Android, Windows Phone and iOS operating systems, just which one is the most hygienic? It seems that you should opt for the latter two – since in a survey that was conducted by marketing agency 11mark, around 75% of Americans who own smartphones admit to using their handsets while taking a poop or pee in the bathroom, and 87% out of that figure were Android users, making the most of their time on the porcelain throne by concentrating on the small display in front of their hands, instead of redirecting their energy towards ensuring their bowel movements are not being distracted by anything else. Someone else should do a survey and see which handset is the one that falls down into the unmentionable hole the most often due to a case of carelessness or being a plain butterfingers. In light of this, I would be more wary about using an Android phone from a friend the next time around – what about you?

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