Inside AppleWhile a lot of what goes on within the walls of Apple’s headquarters isn’t normally revealed to outsiders, Adam Lashinsky’s upcoming book “Inside Apple” claims to have insider knowledge about the secretive Cupertino company. In one of the recently published excerpts from the book, Apple is said to have a dedicated room to test various packaging designs. Apparently, Apple cares about the box its products come in as much as the products themselves.

To fully grasp how seriously Apple executives sweat the small stuff, consider this: For months, a packaging designer was holed up in this room performing the most mundane of tasks – opening boxes.

In one example illustrating Apple’s exhaustive attention to detail, Lashinsky relays how Apple’s packaging room at one point was filled with hundreds, yes hundreds, of iPod box prototypes so that Apple could determine which box lent itself towards evoking the emotional response Apple was looking for upon opening up a product for the first time.

So the next time you pick up an Apple product, you can appreciate the amount of work that went into creating the packaging. After all, a designer was holed up for months at a time. opening boxes just to make sure that the one you hold in your hands will give you the emotional response that Apple is looking for. What do you think of the package design for Apple’s products? Are you impressed or do you think that other companies do a better job?

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