Apple patents clothes that informs you if you missed the last fashion stopKeeping up to date with the latest fashion as well as haute couture can be quite a challenge, even more so on your wallet. Apple might want to have a say in this potentially lucrative department by patenting clothes that are capable of letting you know just how many times you have worn that particular shirt, sweater or cardigan, and alerting you to the fact that it is time to update your wardrobe already. Some of us are far more comfortable in an old T-shirt that has seen us through the good times and the bad, even though there are more holes in it than a beehive. It is definitely an interesting patent by Apple, and Cupertino is also going to dip their fingers of such technology into the stinky world of running shoes as well, where new footwear of the future can deliver real-time feedback that lets you know of your running style and whether your current workout is as consistent as those in the past or not. An iShirt, or a pair of iShoes down the road, perhaps?

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