I know that Halloween’s still some months away, but then again you can never quite tell just when you will be invited to a fancy dress costume party, right? If you happen to be a proponent of the robot dance and are pretty good at it, dressing up in the ASIMO Robot Costume Suit would make perfect sense. After all, you can live out the robot dream without missing a beat, and you can also opt to depict yourself as a robotic slave to neighbors living around you, as a silent plea for them to talk to the Mrs. and tone down on her hen-pecking ways. There is one restriction to the ASIMO Robot Costume Suit though – any taller than 1.8 meters, and you will be unable to fit in comfortably. Made out of urethane, polyurethane and PVC among others, you need help to put this on (and definitely remove it), and it cannot be washed in a washing machine – just like the actual ASIMO. The asking price of $509 is definitely something to ponder over before you part ways with your money…

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