ASUS addresses Transformer Prime locked bootloader and ICS updateWhile a locked bootloader won’t mean much to most of the folks who pick up the ASUS Transformer Prime tablet, it’s a big deal for the folks who do like to make their tablets do things they aren’t supposed to do: like run custom ROMs or even different operating systems. Well, we’ve got some good news for those of you who care about the bootloader.

ASUS recently posted up on its Facebook page a statement announcing the reason why the bootloader is locked, and what it is going to do about it. Firstly, the ASUS Transformer Prime has a locked bootloader for DRM purposes, and also because it wants consumers to use the tablet as it is – without having to mess around with the device. But for those of you who absolutely must have the option to unlock your tablet, ASUS is developing an unlocking tool that will be released in the future. However they make it clear that unlocked tablets will lose their warranty and will not be able to use Google video rental.

In addition to news about the bootloader, ASUS also announced that Ice Cream Sandwich update will roll out worldwide, next week on January 12th. I guess this should make all Transformer Prime owners happy people.

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