[CES 2012] The House of Marley that is currently helmed by the legendary Bob Marley’s son seems to be doing pretty OK, and the company retains the values that good ol’ Bob treasured. Their latest addition brings to the CES showfloor the House of Marley Bag of Rhythm portable audio system. This portable hi-fi does not seem like a looker at first glance (or subsequent glances after that, for that matter), but I guess we will just have to learn to ‘feel’ our music at a deeper level than ever before, aided by a decent audio system, of course. Rohan Marley is there at CES, demonstrating the Bag of Rhythm as you can see here, which will burn a $350 hole in your pocket (although definitely not as much as the amount you have spent on a certain type of mushroom over the years, no?). Going green, it is made out of the world’s fastest growing grass, bamboo, and comes encased in hemp alongside iPhone and iPod compatibility. Would you carry this bongo-inspired portable audio system around to share your love of music with the world?

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