When you first set your eyes on the Boxx electric bicycle, surely you must be wondering what kind of strange suitcase this is, and who the heck would want to use something like this to carry their luggage around in? Well, first of all, the Boxx is an electric bicycle, where a full charge is capable of delivering up to 40 miles of moving you around. If you happen to have deeper pockets than imagined, just dip into them and you can upgrade the battery to accommodate a double charge, not to mention dropping the total charging time to just 1 hour from 4.

The Boxx electric bicycle is a 1 meter sq. device which tips the scales at 120 lbs, and as long as you fall under the weight range of 90lbs to 300lbs, you are able to sit on it comfortably, as it zips you around places at speeds of up to 28mph (or 35mph, depending on regional moped laws where speed limits are concerned). Made out of aluminum, the Boxx will also come with a glove box, a cargo bay, and an all LED dot lighting system with hazards. Pricing starts frmo $4,000 a pop, and there is word that the Boxx will be released to the market this year.

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