Back in the days where we did not really have to bother about escalating fuel costs, and the capacity of the engine was not an issue to us simply because of cheap fuel, video games also somewhat reflected that fact – racing games saw us putting the pedal to the metal, flooring the accelerator just to get a head start on your opponents right from the beginning, and all the way to the finish line. Well, it seems that all the eco-friendly education has changed things, and with fuel prices hitting new highs every now and then, it pays to be far more prudent with that foot of yours on the accelerator. Education is one of the best tools to change the next generation’s thinking, and General Motors decided to teach drivers and non-drivers alike the benefits of going around in a more fuel-efficient manner – and what better way to do so than through a game?

The company’s free Buick eAssist Fuel Efficiency games are available on both the iPhone and Android platforms, where you are challenged to drive your respective Buick to a particular location while conserving as much fuel as possible – without tapping too much on the accelerator, of course. Some of the eAssist features were also highlighted in the game, including its regenerative braking system, where energy is stored after some braking which can then be called upon to propel the car afterwards.

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