canon-HF-R32[CES 2012] The Canon Vixia HR R-Series gets a bump, and just like the M-Series, the R3xx Series gets some improvements in low-light sensitivity, although they are modest at only 3%. The biggest addition to the R-Series is WiFi, which will be featured in all the R-Series camcorder with built-in memory (R32 and R30).

WiFi allows users to send videos wirelessly to an Apple iOS device (via an Ad-Hoc connection, or an Access Point through a Canon gateway) from which they can either view or upload the content to a web service. This is an good idea because camcorders are often not smart and powerful enough to handle web services properly. By offloading this task to a smart device, Canon makes the overall user experience better, at least for those who have an iOS device.At home, WiFi can be used to transfer videos and photos from the camcorder to a home PC, or you can use DLNA to stream content from the camcorder to a DLNA device such as a game console or a SmartTV.

It is also possible to capture videos in AVCHD or MP4. Basically, AVCHD provides the best image quality with 1080p (12hrs maximum length before the files starts dividing), while MP4 will be limited to 720p (4GB or 30mn, whichever comes first). MP4 is convenient because almost every modern device can play it back.

Intelligent IS is a new camcorder image stabilization feature that Canon has ported form its PowerShot camera line. Once enabled, the camcorder will choose one of four stabilization techniques available. Whether you’re walking, macro shooting, or zooming far away the camera will choose the best stabilization technique. When on a tri-pod, stabilization will be disabled.

The touch display has also been improved, and it is a glass-screen that does not require a strong press. This is a bit more like smartphones. Touch focus, and other point-to-setup features are still there, although with a friendlier user-interface.

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