[CES 2012] Samsung’s press conference at this CES is the most packed on which we have attended so far compared to the rest, and it just goes to show how far the company has come from its early days. We have already covered a fair share of their new and interesting releases, so here is a quick recap on what our live blogging crew delivered. Did you know that Samsung sells two TVs each second? I guess that is a US-based figure, or it could actually be a worldwide average – either way, it is extremely impressive. After going through the company’s sales achievements as well as recent product triumphs, we come to the “meat” of the press conference, starting with Samsung updating their TVs to move towards the “smart” route, and hopefully the right kind of software will dominate the Smart TV lineup down the road.

Samsung intends to roll out a “listen, see and do” format without having to touch the remote control – could another Kinect-like inspiration be in the works, just like how LG kept us on our toes earlier this morning? Regardless, one of Samsung’s best sellers, their TVs, will be upgraded to include a new dual-core processor inside alongside better smart TV software. For starters, there is a built-in webcam to the TV itself, breaking new ground, and hopefully some of the 25,000 apps available for the Smart TV will support this webcam. Hopefully there will be a fair share of killer apps to sell the hardware, otherwise moving it off shelves might prove to be more difficult than initially thought.

If you feel that you have had a good time with Apple’s Siri on iOS 5, then you might be interested to know that Samsung will be introducing voice control to their new range of Smart TVs, in addition to facial recognition so that the TV can know just which family member is sitting in front of it, moving straight to the right apps and loading his/her preferences right away. Not only that, Samsung also took the opportunity to parry LG’s morning announcement with their own 55″ OLED TV, and our eyes could not believe the contrast. Seeing is definitely believing here, and it must have made many converts when they laid their eyes upon Samsung’s “ultimate TV”.

Check out the other Samsung products that we covered as well, including the Samsung Q20 and QF20 camcorders, the Samsung W300 and W350 waterproof camcorders, and the Samsung Galaxy Note from AT&T.

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