Comcast intends to expand their business further by experimenting with web-connected cable boxes, and as we all know, most, if not all, devices in the consumer electronics market will need to go through the watchful eyes of the FCC before they can be released to the masses. Comcast knows this, and the Pace-manufactured “Parker” might have just sneaked to the FCC’s hallways, awaiting approval. Label examples and a user manual can also be spotted at the FCC’s annals, and we do know that the Parker set top box will feature most standard connectivity options including coax, HDMI, composite and component ports at the back, in addition to a CableCARD slot. To spice things up further, there is also an eSATA port and a SD memory card slot, although the latter seem more suited for servicing the box than for memory expansion purposes. Forget about Wi-Fi connectivity with the Parker though.

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