The DuoFertility ovulation Monitor from Cambridge Temperature Concepts Ltd. has just picked up FDA approval, which means that it is going to be ready to be sold to the masses soon. This particular device is actually a wearable sensor and reader unit that is capable of measuring ovulation patterns, making sure you use technology in your favor to maximize the chances of you conceiving, although I am quite sure that other folks would use it otherwise, to ensure natural birth control methods are put into place. The sensor is worn under the armpit (I wonder how uncomfortable that might end up as), where it is capable of measuring subtle changes in basal body temperature, which is normally a pointer of when ovulation occurs.

It will then wirelessly receive the sensor data and predict the time frame where you are most likely to become pregnant – with up to six days advance notice to boot, giving you ample time to book a dinner table at that fancy restaurant while preparing the love nest back home after that. Not only that, additional parameters can also be entered into the reader unit so that prediction quality and accuracy can be improved. All recorded data can be visualized after you hook up the reader unit to a PC.

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