If you are an oil oligarch or a magnate of some other business, then surely you would have not only one home, but plenty of pads all around the world, living out the jet-setting lifestyle while hanging out with other famous people as you float from one social engagement to another. As for your home itself, it would surely be worth in the hundreds of millions at the extremely extravagant end of the scale, furnishings, fittings and artwork included. The vast, sprawling grounds, carefully manicured gardens – this is the life! Well, it seems that an Irish man could have beat you at your own game with his humble abode that is worth a cool €1.4 billion. Yes sir, artist Frank Buckley paid homage to the Ireland’s ill-fated construction boom, where the three-room apartment was built in the lobby of his Dublin studio, and made out of €1.4 billion of shredded tender that was obtained from the Central Bank mint.

Interestingly enough, Buckley’s studio is located on the first floor of the Glass House office building in Smithfield, which is one of the handful of office buildings located in the city that remains vacant even until today due to the recession. His most expensive expense in the building of his home? €35 worth of wallpaper. One thing’s for sure, he can definitely pull in the tourists with this unique art attraction, and who knows, to start selling souvenirs and the like?

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