EV Mini Sport electric sports car hails from Japan

[CES 2012] Electric sports cars do not really make much sense considering the amount of power required to keep it as nimble and quick as the petrol-powered version, but that does not mean it is impossible. After all, Tesla has done it, but no other company seems to be concentrating on that particular automotive segment as much. Japan’s EV Mini Sport measures 2.49m in length, is 1.29m wide and 1.09m high, where it will be able to ferry one in style, although do not expect to go too far from home considering the 40Ah lithium-ion polymer battery can only bring you for around 30km thereabouts before it requires a trip to the nearest power outlet. Forget about overtaking anyone with this, as the EV Mini Sport maxes out at 70km/h. I do not think most folks are willing to spend $47,800 for this, considering they can get so much more value on other hybrid vehicles, never mind that the base model is $20,000 cheaper. Driving solo can be fun if you are in a supercar, but the EV Mini Sport does not exactly project that kind of presence.

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