When the Nintendo Wii was first released, many naysayers claimed that this particular “waggle controls” setup would never go anywhere, but it seems that subsequent sales of the Wii proved that very same group wrong. Since then, Sony and Microsoft too, jumped aboard the motion control bandwagon with the PS Move and Kinect, respectively. Moving on to new portable gaming platforms, the iPhone and iPad have taken the world by storm for quite some time already, and the Fit Freeway app could very well help you have some fun while breaking some sweat in the process.

You will not need any additional hardware to take advantage of the Fit Freeway app, and for instance, the racer in the same vein as that of Outrun will take advantage of the built-in accelerometer in your iOS device, and when you place on the exercise machine, it is capable of knowing just how much effort you put into the run, simply because it is smart enough to detect the amount of vibration that you generate.

BitGym has two versions of the Fit Freeway app – a try-before-you-buy version, and a paid version that is going for a promotional rate of $2.99. Being late to the game (pun not intended) would see you fork out another additional $2 to the final amount.

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