German courts reject one of Samsungs patent infringement claims against AppleIn what appears to be the never-ending battle between Apple and Samsung, it looks like Samsung may have been dealt a minor blow in Germany when the German courts denied one of their patent infringement claims against Apple. However it should be noted that this is only one patent infringement claim out of seven that Samsung filed against Apple in a series of five lawsuits.

This particular claim appears to have been over 3G and UMTS telecommunications technology, but unfortunately the courts did not reveal as to why that particular patent claim was rejected. However some have speculated that this might be due to the fact that either the German courts believed that Apple did not infringe upon the patents, or they believed that Samsung may have exhausted their rights and therefore, by extension, Apple has a license.

Like we mentioned earlier, this is only one of the seven patent infringement claims that Samsung filed against Apple, which means that they still have four more lawsuits in which they are will have more chances of claiming victory over the Cupertino company. For more information head on over to FOSS Patents.

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