GM Window of OpportunityIf you’ve been on long trips without any entertainment and wish there was something to do besides go to sleep or look out the window, you might not have to in the future – assuming GM’s latest project gets to go commercial. The company recently showed off its “Windows of Opportunity” (WOO) project which was designed to take backseat entertainment to a new level. GM invited a bunch of students to create some apps that would be suitable for passengers to interact with through their side windows which act as interactive displays, the results were pretty interesting.

There was an app which let backseat passengers draw on colored mist as though they were drawing on condensation on a car window, then there was one app which featured a character running alongside the vehicle – following the speed and movement of the car, while there were also apps which allowed people to share music with other cars on the road, display messages and interact with passengers in other vehicles. All pretty nifty ideas and interesting ways to make use of a car’s rear window.

There’s no telling if these apps or technology will be making their way into consumer vehicles in the near future, but when that day comes, nobody is going to fight to sit shotgun anymore.

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