[CES 2012] I like Goal Zero naming their latest device the Sherpa 50 personal power pack, where this gadget will come in handy especially if you tend to carry too many gadgets that it can get rather difficult trying to keep track of them. I suppose it is paying homage to the sherpas who help folks who want to conquer mountains, where they need far less equipment than the ordinary climber, and yet are far more nimble, quicker, and seemingly impervious to the freezing temperatures and altitude sickness. But I digress – the Sherpa 50 personal power pack from Goal Zero contains a 50-watt lithium ion power pack that delivers additional juice whenever you are nowhere near a wall outlet. Being roughly half the size of its predecessor, it will feature a removable inverter that further helps it “size down” visually when you pack. Rolling out to the markets this summer (June specifically), you will have to fork out $200 for this puppy (it is on sale now, and the price will revert to $250 when the sale ends) and four Benjamins if you want to throw in a solar panel.

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