[CES 2012] Musicians as well as those with a love for making music will definitely look forward to the iConnectMUSE, a digital audio mixer that is compact in size, and yet packs in a fair number of features such as half a dozen stereo inputs, an equal number of stereo outputs and stereo headphone output to deliver ultimate audio control via iOS or computer software. The iConnectMUSE is the product of iConnectivity, a forward thinking developer of hardware accessories and applications for iDevices. Those who want to take control of their special brand of mixes via iOS or computer software without sacrificing on sound quality can always look forward to the iConnectMUSE.

The iConnectMUSE is said to be able to deliver studio-quality analog audio that have been converted to digital. This means you are able to experience a higher quality of audio processing, better audio latency, as well as the ability to share and mix audio thanks to an iOS device. When plugged, your iOS-powered device will also be juiced up simultaneously, killing two birds with a single stone. Expect the iConnectMUSE to hit the market sometime in the second quarter of the year for $229.99.

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