The Indian version of Uncle Sam wants you, but in order to be a true blue patriot, you will need to give up social networking. Yes sir, servicemen and servicewomen are not allowed to hop on to any social networks, lest information posted on sites like Facebook might actually lead to crucial information leaking – especially into the wrong hands. This reminds me of our earlier story, where servicemen in Singapore are not allowed to purchase smartphones with cameras, so even the iPhone 4S will need to be modified by the carrier, removing the camera within and sold for a king’s ransom as well. This social networking ban in the Indian Army has yet to be confirmed by authorities, but if given the green light, it is tipped to require the force’s 36,000 officers as well as 1.3 million other personnel to cease using and delete their social networks profiles – pronto!

New recruits will be informed that even they are not allowed to sign up for any social network account, and neither can they use them while in service with the army. What about Skype and other Instant Messaging programs – are those exempt as well?

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