iPad 3 high res display hinted in iBooks 2While we’ve had cases hinting at the design of the next generation iPad (iPad 2S/3), we now have some images that suggest a higher-resolution display on the tablet. Some folks dug around the iBooks 2 app and discovered some retina-ready graphics available. The images are twice the size of the regular iBooks images and would display correctly on a screen 2048 x 1536 in dimension – which is double the resolution of the iPad 2′s display.

While a 9.7″ display with 2048 x 1536 wouldn’t result in a retina-eye pixel density (300 PPI of the iPhone 4/4S), it does give a PPI of 260 which should be enough due to the fact that the viewing distance of an iPad is greater than the iPhone. However, the fact that there’s no reason for Apple to include higher resolution images in the iBooks app unless a higher resolution display was around the corner seems to confirm the iPad 2S/3′s display resolution.

Unless of course, Apple just wanted to leave clues to throw off everybody. Though it’s never a good idea to raise hopes and then under deliver. What do you think?

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