SWAT team pays a visit to iPhone 4S launch in China It is amazing to see the transformation in China from being a communist country to one that has opened up its economy, empowering the people there with rising wages and the ability to live it up – and what better way to do that than to embrace one of the hottest phones on the planet right now, the iPhone 4S from Apple. While the iPhone 4S will be launched in China tomorrow, locals have also picked up the idea of lining up a day earlier to pick up this highly desirable smartphone, so much so that Apple’s flagship store in Beijing has an out of control crowd that Apple might actually cancel the launch there tomorrow. Beijing SWAT teams have already been summoned to make sure the thousands of angry scalpers and potential customers toe the line, with reports of fights breaking out between gangs of “professional” scalpers as well. All of that for a phone – how far are you willing to go for a new handset, especially one from Apple?

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