CES 2012 will be the platform where LG Electronics rolls out a quartet of new home theater systems, where they will boast LG’s latest 3D sound technology. LG intends to solidify their position as the leader in 3D home entertainment through a clever combination of its 3D Home Theater Systems with their popular CINEMA 3D Smart TVs. I wonder whether this synergy would work well in China with the country’s first 3D TV channel, but that is another story for a different day. LG’s BH9420PW will merge the company’s 3D Sound Zooming technology that will synchronize sound output all the time with the location and movement of the on-screen 3D images, just make sure you are viewing it on a CINEMA 3D Smart TV.

Apart from that, 3D Sound Zooming helps you dive deeper visually into the middle of the action, since the events that unfold on your 3D TV will surround you not only in terms of imagery but extensive audio effects as well. Depth in sound is something that should be interesting to check out, and I can’t imagine the number of hours put into the complex algorithm required to analyze the varying depth of the plentiful on-screen objects that are displayed on the 3D TV. Expect the LG BH9420PW to arrive at store shelves next March for a yet undisclosed price. [Press Release]

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