[CES 2012] Remember our story last week about Mercedes-Benz ready to make a splash at this year’s CES? Well, it seems that their mBrace2 system has proved to be quite a hit, where it merges telematics and infotainment into a single system, receiving connectivity in the form of an embedded 3G modem. The mBrace2 is being prepared to launch alongside the 2013 SL this spring, and will also be a standard issue feature on the majority of 2013 releases. We did scout the mBrace2 out on the showfloor, and have seen it integrate with new Facebook, Google POI and Street View.

Not only that, you will also be able to enjoy a different kind of browsing experience while you are on the road, but the data connection at CES proved to be rather unreliable, not to mention the fact that mBrace2 relies on the central COMAND knob to navigate through the myriad of menus while functioning as a five-way controller that lets you pan and click through the browser, bringing back unhappy memories of using one of those “joysticks” on the Nokia N73 to browse the Internet, or a D-pad to navigate through multiple websites. Other features of the mBrace 2 include the ability to remotely monitor and set travel zones, geo fences, speed alerts and curfew minders using a smartphone, now how about that? Select services will require a subscription, and basically if you can afford a Benz, that should not be an issue for you.

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