Ever since Microsoft released their Windows Phone platform, one of the exclusive features that Windows Phone users got to lord over their iOS and Android counterparts would be the availability of Xbox Live titles for their devices. Yes we know that some of Android’s smartphones have PlayStation certification that allows them to play PlayStation games, they are currently limited to Sony Ericsson’s Xperia smartphones. The good news is that if what a Microsoft spokesperson has revealed to Forbes has not been misinterpreted, Microsoft’s Xbox Live titles could be making their way onto Android/iOS smartphones in the future.


According to what the Microsoft spokesperson revealed:

“While the Xbox Live experiences and games always work best on the Windows platform, we understand that some Xbox fans may be using other types of devices. To satisfy that need, we are working to extend a few of our Xbox experiences and titles to other platforms.”

While we try not to read too much into things, it really does sound like Microsoft has plans to bring some of their Xbox Live titles over onto Android/iOS. Is the forsaking such an exclusive feature for Windows Phone a smart move by Microsoft? Smartphone platform market share not withstanding, it could help Microsoft generate more revenue from the sales of Xbox games while boosting their presence in the mobile gaming scene.

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