18 Motorola DROID RAZRIf you’ve been planning to pick up the Motorola DROID RAZR but have been waiting for a price cut, you’re in luck. It has been reported that Verizon is now selling the DROID RAZR at $199 (with a 2-year contract). That’s a $100 off the original $299 price, so you must be wondering – what’s the catch? Well, the phone won’t ship with the 16GB microSD card, so all you’ll have is the onboard 16GB for storage, and the option to put in a memory card of your own (great if you have one lying around the house).

Not a bad deal if you ask me, since you can definitely pick up a 16GB card for less than $100 anyway. But then again, with phones like the DROID RAZR MAXX coming soon, who’s going to want the original DROID RAZR in the first place?

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