NetLED controlled remotely over InternetJapan sure has its fair share of trinkets available for the masses, but the NetLED ranks as one of the higher level candidates. After all, this is touted to be the world’s first LED lighting system which can be controlled over the Internet. You can opt to use a smartphone or a computer in order to turn off or on the lights individually, in addition to making sure the brightness level is up to par with what you want. With this ability to remotely control power consumption, one would not be derided if he or she has the expectations that LED lighting are set to become a staple in homes of the future, even as they move towards a more energy efficient era.

The standard LED lights will be equipped with a dimmer module and a Wi-Fi module, where the latter looks like a standard issue USB dongle, in order for the system to take advantage of whatever wireless technology that you have installed at home. To use the NetLED system, you will need to have the NetLED lights, a gateway system for Wi-Fi communication, and a PC or smartphone. At least no ongoing server fee is involved, but setting one up at home is not going to be cheap since the lights with a built-in module are tagged with a $260 price point.

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