Street Fighter X Tekken is set to be a winner when it arrives on the market, and in this mash up of characters that is sure to have firm favorites on both sides of the roster, those of you who own a Sony PS3, Sony PS Vita or both, can look forward to a couple of exclusive and iconic characters – Pac-Man and Mega Man. No idea on what kind of powers these iconic mascots of their generation will be able to execute, and I suppose the yellow pie chart with an insatiable appetite will run helter skelter whenever it seens colored ghosts headed its way, and good thing Street Fighter X Tekken has none of those at all.

These mascots will arrive in altered forms, resulting in the creation of unique battles in Street Fighter X Tekken. Pac-Man will ride Tekken’s Mokujin, while Mega Man references the “classic” bad box art from the original US Mega Man. Expect to pick up Street Fighter X Tekken for the PS3 on March 6th, while the PS Vita will follow after that.

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