Philips CSS5123 Soundbar

[CES 2012] Philips is taking a different approach when it comes to streaming high-quality content to the TV. Instead of using a “video box” like most of the other players, Philips has made the audio quality a central piece of the puzzle and made a DLNA-compatible soundbar that is capable of receiving content from DLNA devices and playing that content back on the TV via HDMI and outputting the sound with its internal speakers. The end result is capabilities similar to other DLNA boxes, but potentially much superior audio, including virtual surround sound.On the paper, the Philips Soundbar looks really good, but we haven’t tried it in the real world, so we can’t vouch for the sound. However, I really like the oval design that is low-profile enough to not block the TV picture (or the TV itself!). This is particularly appreciable if you have one of those thin-frame TVs.

But you don’t need DLNA to benefit from the Philips CSS5123 Soundbar: it has been designed to work in a straightforward way with regular A/V equipment and game consoles. That said, check the connectivity options just to be sure. If you want an HDMI pass-through or an optical input, it’s worth double-checking.

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